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We would like to divide software functionality into three groups. They are: visitorsaccountsadministrators. Below you can find some useful information about each of these groups and what they can do at Articles Software based web site.

Visitors Features

It's just the short list of things that visitors can do. Every new version brings new functionality as we are constantly improving our articles software. So, visitors can:

  • Create Account
  • Search Articles & Reviews
  • Read Articles & Reviews
  • Read Comments
  • Take Part in Polls
  • Rate Articles & Reviews, Accounts
  • View articles by author or by category
  • View other author's profile and picture
  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • Auto breadcrumbs for easy backward navigation
  • View latest published articles
  • View most popular authors
  • View and read most popular articles

Accounts Features

Accounts have full set of visitors options plus they have a great number of additional features. CMS accounts can:

  • Edit Account Details
  • Upload Pictures
  • Change Password
  • Post/Modify Articles & Reviews
  • Related article list displayed
  • Powerful Search facility
  • Content sorting
  • Export article to word and pdf
  • Print article
  • Email article
  • Rate article
  • Post/Edit Comments
  • Choose Category for Articles
  • Send Private Messages to Other Accounts
  • Bookmark Most Insteresting Articles or Accounts

Administrators Features

Administrators manage the site. Most site features can be easily enabled via administrator panel. It's a convenient area that passed several usability tests. So our admin board is intuitively clear and you will not have to spend several hours understanding how it works. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) - the main principle of our admin panel. So what can administrators do? They can do the following:

  • Easy to customize
  • Create unlimited admin accounts
  • Create unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Restrict specific categories
  • Display statistics of users, articles, categories, popular articles, popular authors etc.
  • Easily Approve/Disapprove Articles, Reviews, Comments, Accounts
  • Calendar feature
  • Built in advanced WYSIWYG editor for sending HTML email messages
  • Populate contact list
  • Easy to Use Smarty templates
  • Set account status to active or inactive
  • Email Specific/All Accounts
  • Count article views
  • Related article detection option
  • Have an attachment with an article
  • Use predefined templates
  • Google Adsense Optimized Article Management Solution
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • Backup all articles
  • Captcha (Signup Image Verification) facility
  • Review Pictures
  • Create Polls
  • Manage News Section
  • Create/Edit/Delete Articles Category
  • Manage Banners & Google AdSense
  • Manage RSS Feeds
  • Manage Account Fields
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