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If you like to sell magazine, photos, website script, our digital download script is the best option for you to be top in selling your digital product within minutes. We are default enterpriser having PayPal payment gateway. Through admin you can change and customize things very easily. Through our powerful CMS you can change website name, logo, description, SEO Meta tag using this set up.

We provide free download option in our script that connects with the social media pages like face book, Google plus, Twitter etc. Here the customers can make their free download only when they click and like your social media pages. Here this an added advantage for your website.

Admin features of Our script:

Through admin you can able to view total sales, year sales, total orders, Number of customers, Customers awaiting approval, Reviews awaiting approval, number affiliates, affiliates awaiting approval etc. You can add/ delete different categories. Our Script is very user friendly where you can set up product description, images, price tag and quantity. As well as our Digital Ecommerce Script is open cart system so you can find the user detail, order detail, order invoice payment detail, payment method and one of the greatest advantage is that our script supports multiple payment gateways.

Our Digital Ecommerce Script lets you sell securely, right on your own website. Stop losing money on your unprotected digital goods. Photographers, designers, programmers can sell their work online with minimal effort. Webnishad digital ecommerce is a powerful ecommerce suite that uses highly secure programming techniques.

Digital Ecommerce Script Features:

  1. Responsive Design that can adoptable for all users
  2. Banner ads and Google ads
  3. User IP trace option
  4. Open Source
  5. Suitable for all payment gateways
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We are one of the leading website development company in navi mumbai that provides effective and innovative website development services at affordable prices. We also ensure that there is creativity in every design we make to give your web site a professional look that would create a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors.

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